Here at B33Beautiful we believe that Wellness begins with YOU!!!

Then with the mind, body & soul.

We create amazing products that will relax and stimulate your mind,

soothe and rejuvenate your body.

Once your mind and body are aligned,

you feel and look good and that pleases your soul.


The shea butter is amazing. My husband has diabetes and this product has really been a blessing to my husbands skin. He gets the peppermint because of the great healing properties of the essential oil. 

I have had issues with my skin for a while, I even had poison ivy. The shea butter was such a relief for my dry itchy skin, the rash from the poison ivy has gone away and my skin is so smooth and moisturized.

Eczema has been a very difficult thing for me to deal with, it seems there are tons of products out there and very few of them provide relief for my extremely dry and itchy skin. 

The bath bombs are truly the bomb. The scent is great very prominent but not overwhelming. I ordered a customized one and the design was cute, color vibrant. The oil and coloring did not mess up my tub at all. The oil was a great help to moisturizing my skin. 

Lavender is my favorite scent so i ordered a few different size bath bombs, they're great. 

Christopher L. 



 Bethany M.

Michelle Jamison

Crystal T. 

The Shea Butter is really good, has a great consistency and keeps my skin moisturized and smooth. 

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